Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fire Flower Project

I finally was able to get the colors of fabric that I wanted for the Fire Flower Yo Yo Project. I decided to get some patterned fabric for the flower itself, but kept the green a solid color.  And I was able to find a small enough Yo Yo Maker so that the flower will be cute, and not huge and scary like I was thinking.

Not that the XL Maker is all that big. It cuts out a 60mm circle and leaves a 30mm Yo Yo. I'm going to use the Small size which is a 30mm circle and leaves a 15mm Yo Yo.  The Fire Flower itself is going to be 162 individual pieces! @_@

If it was a cross stitch, I could knock it out of the park in an hour or less. As it is - I'm going to see how quickly I can pop these yo yos out.

If anyone plans on doing any Yo Yo projects (hopefully someone has been inspired to) I recommend using the precut chunks of fabric for quilting rather than get a yard (or metre) of fabric and only use a tiny portion of it.

Old clothes work all right - they don't have the stiffness that new fabric has which makes making the yo yos easier.

My other projects are a couple of B-Day prezzies which are keeping me occupied. Ah well, busy hands right? ^_^

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  1. I'm excited to see this. Other than your other post, I've never seen this craft before!