Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sprite Stitch to the Rescue

It looks like I'm going to be Pokecrazy for most of this year.

A while back I did an interview with the creator of Sprite Stitch, an online community that I'm a part of. We were discussing a possible monthly challenge and that morphed into wishing we could do something for the people of Japan.

So we decided that we could make a quilt of cross-stitched Pokemon and auction it off to donate to a charity to help the Japanese rebuild. The idea really took off actually - we're planning to do a quilt for each generation! We're cutting our teeth on the First Generation for a start.

This looks like a massive undertaking. @_@ But as a lot of our favorite pixelated characters come from Japan, it seems only natural that we should choose to help.

Spread the word. If anyone wants to participate in the Sprite Stitch to the Rescue quilt, go here. You'll have to join the forums to volunteer, but it's for a good cause.

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