Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sewing in Circles

I've listed various crafts that have been used to create or re-create a pixelated look before. And I'm always looking for ways to expand my craft repertoire. Which is why I love going to the library. There are SO many treasures of knowledge just waiting to be exposed.

And I found a new one to add. They're called yo yos. Not the toy, but a similarly shaped object made of fabric. They became popular in the 1920's because women could carry the little circles of fabric to stitch and gather when they had a free moment.

They've been made into quilts, decorated clothes, leis, dolls, and recently into jewelry. Grandmothers have used them to teach daughters and granddaughters to hand sew. They're simple to make and are quick to make up. I heartily recommend a search of 'fabric yo yo' or 'quilt yo yo' or 'yo yo fabric crafts'. There are way too many stunning  examples out there.

Simple if you can sew and use a hand iron. Iron, yes, sew - not so much.

And yet the lure of the yo yo called to me. So you can imagine my joy when I stumbled upon a product by the company Clover called the "Quick" Yo-Yo Maker. It's a disc with a cover that you pop the fabric in and cut around it, then you take a needle and thread, sew in the guide holes in the cover, then take the fabric out, gather it up in a circle, and then tie a knot and hide the ends. I can make one in about 5 minutes or less. And it's not just circles in many sizes, but hearts, butterflies, shamrocks, and ovals, for anyone interested. (A bit like lucky charms, eh?)

So with the 'how to' solved, I've decided I want to make a wall decoration using yo yos. But now I have two problems.

1. What sprite should I make with yo yos?
2. Should I use plain colored fabric, patterned, or a mix?

I have a few ideas. I love Naruto the anime and I love the symbol of Konoha. I also love Ayashi no Ceres, or Ceres: Celestial Legend as it is known in the states, and the symbol of the Tennyo is beautiful.And there is the symbol of the Full Metal Alchemist that I've long wanted to do in cross stitch or something. Or a Fire Flower from Mario Bros.

I'd rather do something simple over a complicated character sprite, for a wall hanging at least. If I decide to make a blanket out of these things, I might make Articuno from Pokemon, or Samus from Metroid.

Ah the possibilities!


  1. wow they look really cool, I lik the idea of a mario fire flower, maybe use plain fabric for the stem & leaves and patterned for flower itself?

  2. For the pattern or not patterned, I think it would be up to if you wanted it to look "realistic" or more artsy. I think for the Konoha and FMA symbols, I personally would use patterned fabric, but make them one color scheme, if that makes sense. I hope it does...